How To Support The Museum

We aim to inspire and educate the public about its history and culture. Your contribution in any form will help us to achieve our mission and further develop the museum. Your support for the work of the Museum is a gift to all Somalilanders, Somalis, the people of the Horn of Africa, and the world population in general. With your support, the Museum can set new standards of excellence for how we present our story through exhibitions, research, education and outreach. We invite you to step into the history of Somaliland and Somalis in general make your mark in history.

We invite you to:

• Come and visit us to discover our collections …..

• Be our partner

• Sponsor us

• Make a donation

• Become a volunteer by giving your time and sharing your skills and experience with us


Areas in need of your support include:

• Expansion of the premises

• Education and Outreach

• Research

• Preservation of cultural heritage objects at risk

• Exhibitions


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